Win an iPad Competitions (12)

Win a iPad today (below we feature all the competitions running in Ireland at the moment where you can win an iPad)! Technology is fabulous, mobile phones are more powerful than the original computers built back in the 1940’s, and nowadays it’s all about the tablet. Apple have been market leaders in beautifully designed and easy to use technology for some time now, and the iPad is one of the leading tablets available on the market. Sleek, simple and stunning, it’s no surprise everyone wants one.

Unfortunately, the price tag on a brand new Apple product can be off-putting, landing these beautiful pieces of technology far out of some people’s reach. But that doesn’t mean that one of these lovelies can’t be yours, and for absolutely no money! Competitions with iPads as the prize are unsurprisingly popular, companies know that many lust after, but can’t afford, a brand new iPad so they know they can count on a large number of entries, guaranteeing them information about potential customers.

What that means is that you potentially win an iPad for free! Of course, luck does come in to it, but with the number of competitions available offering an iPad as the prize, the more you enter the more chances you have to win! Legitimate companies have to offer an opt-out option for their marketing messages, so it’s not like you’ll get spammed forever for the privilege of entering.

Just remember to read over the fine print just in case there’s something you don’t agree with. And take in to consideration any potential costs of winning; iPads require a certain version of iTunes in order for you to be able to connect it to your computer (PC or Mac), if your home computer isn’t running a high enough operating system you may have trouble sharing information and music with your new toy. If sharing files isn’t a consideration, then you could be up and running immediately! For current competitions being run with iPads as a prize check out our links below and get entering!

Below we have listed all the competitions currently running that you can enter in Ireland to win an iPad! Good luck!