Win a Holiday

Win a Holiday! There’s nothing quite like a holiday … except a free holiday! Competitions abound offering holidays for couples or families, all at no cost to the winners, and some will even include spending money! Today’s economic climate means that for many, travelling away for a holiday, even within their own country, is beyond their means. Using competitions as a way to potentially get away from the dull humdrum of life can be a great way to grab yourself a bargain holiday and then some.

Luxury holidays, exotic holidays, weekends away, romantic holidays or self-catering cottages; there’s an incredible range on offer by companies across the country as it’s often cheaper for those companies to give away a free holiday away than it is for them to advertise in print media. Not only does it get publicity, the company receive information on potential customers from people that enter. And in return, someone gets to go chill out on a beach for free!

While it’s down to luck just who will win, holidays are such expensive choices for most that entering competitions may be the only way they’ll have to get away from it all. Just make sure you check the small print as sometimes transfers, food and drink, spending money and travel to the designated airport may not be included, so be clear about what you will have to fork out for before you enter in case you can’t afford it.

That being said, there are some competitions available where you pay for absolutely nothing! It’s all just a matter of rummaging around until you find the perfect match for you, your family and your budget. Take a look at the links below; to get you started we’ve listed some competitions currently running to make it easier for you to enter, and all of them have free entry to make it easier for your pocket.

At the top of this page we list all the competitions in Ireland where you can win a Holiday.