Irish Discount Codes

Did you know that you can save money (very nearly) every time you shop online? For free? Nearly all shopping websites have a built in field on the shopping cart where users can add a voucher code (also known as a coupon code, or a promo code or a discount code). If a user adds the right code then they can either save a set amount (e.g. €5) or a % off (e.g. 20% off) or get something like free delivery or a free gift with their purchase. This is also the case in Ireland. (Just search for Irish Discount Codes).

* Is this legal?

Completely! The companies use these offers to try and persuade the people on the fence about buying or not. They also use these codes to try and get people to buy more (i.e. you can get €50 off if you spend at least €50). So only use them if it really is a saving for you.

  • Does it cost anything to get the codes? 

Nope! Not a penny. If you use our sister site then you can search for codes for companies such as Easons, and Smyths (The codes always have start and end dates so there might be times when there are no codes running).

  • Are there also printable Irish Coupons? 

exampleYes! There are a few printable vouchers that are nearly always available. Just go here and you can download printable vouchers for washing up tablets, toothpaste and cleaning products to name but a few. Also, from time to time companies like Marks and Spencer Ireland offer voucher codes that are printable. Other companies like Smyths also offer vouchers that can either be used on their website or printed off and taken into a local shop. Same goes for Argos Ireland. Always check the terms and conditions as some vouchers need a minimum amount to be spent before they work and some only apply to certain products. For example, the Argos Ireland codes often only apply to indoor furniture or homeware.

  • What is in it for you guys?

Some of the websites who offer the codes pay us a small % of the basket value if someone then goes on and buys something. This doesn’t increase the price for the user. The more times the codes get used the more likely we are to be given better codes to promote in the future! (So if you are wanting to do us a favour then please share any code that saves you money). In the next few months we are hoping to have some amazing discount codes for the up and coming Irish holiday website, Click and Go. Just visit our site and find the best Click and Go discount codes available and you will hopefully save loads on your next holiday.

  • How long have you guys been going? 

We started the website way back in 2008. It started off as a small hobby website where we share the best deals we found on the web (it was hard at the start to find ones that are just for Ireland). We have now helped over 1,000,000 people save money since then and it takes up a lot more of our time! We love knowing that our website helps people to save money when they shop online.

We hope you find the website useful. And here is to the next saving you make using one of our codes. – The Team.